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The Council of Administration of the "Nicolae Bălcescu" Land Forces Academy is the leading structure which ensures the operative management of the academy, by implementing the University Senate’s strategic decisions.

Composition of the Council of Administration:
Chairman: BG Prof. Eng. Ghiţă BARSAN, PhD– Commandant (Rector) of the “Nicolae Balcescu” Land Forces Academy

COL. Eng. Gheorghe PRUNESCU – Administrative Director
COL. Daniel-Sorin Constantin, PhD – Vice-Rector (Deputy Commandant for education)
Assoc.Prof. Luminita Giurgiu, PhD - Vice-Rector (Deputy Commandant for scientific research)
COL Prof. Vasile Carutasu, PhD - Vice-Rector (Deputy Commandant for international relations)
COL Assoc. Constantin Grigoras, PhD - Vice-Rector (Deputy Commandant for student affairs)
COL Assoc.Prof. Eng. Ioan VIRCA, PhD – Dean of the Faculty of Military Management
Prof. Marioara Patesan, PhD – Dean of the Faculty of Military Sciences
COL. Marius Milandru, PhD – Secretary

The main functions of the Council of Administration are:
a) to establish, in operational terms, the budget of the institution;
b) to approve the budget implementation and annual review;
c) to approve propositions of organizing contests for occupying teaching and research positions;
d) to approve propositions for new study programmes and formulates propositions to the University Senate for terminating those study programmes that no longer fit within the mission of the academy or are academically and financially inefficient;
e) to approve financial transactions that exceed limits set by the University Senate, according to the law;
f) to submit to the University Senate long and medium term strategies and policies on areas of interest for the academy;
g) to implement the strategic decisions of the University Senate;
h) to provide, at the request of the University Senate, the right to organize a new medical examination, in case of professional unsuitability (such as psycho-behavioural disorders), to hire and maintain a teaching position or an auxiliary teaching position, leading, guiding and control functions, as well as staff functions related to education units;
i) to approve leave without pay for academic staff only if they want to specialize or to participate in scientific research in Romania and/or abroad;
j) to organize contests for occupying the position of administrative director;
k) to analyze and approve institutional document drafts forwarded by the rector to the University Senate’s approval.