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The week 15–21 October constituted a good occasion for the Land Forces Academy to interact with the younger generation, thanks to the programme "the Romanian Army in schools”, organized within the extensive events dedicated to the anniversary of the Romanian Armed Forces Day. On October, 22 the Military Circle hosted a symposium where historians and teachers "leafed through” the history book of the Romanian people, bringing to the audience’s remembrance the crucial moments when the armed forces had a significant contribution to obtaining or maintaining the fundamental human rights and freedoms.
The history "lesson" was made possible due to the following speakers: COL (r.) prof. Alexandru BABOŞ, PhD, former rector of the institution and a great connoisseur of the history of the nation, with an extensive knowledge of military history; prof. Dumitru ACU, PhD, president of the Transylvanian Association for Romanian Literature and the Culture of the Romanian People, "ASTRA"; prof. Alexiu TATU, head of the State Archives Department of the Sibiu county; assoc. prof. Virgil RACOVIŢAN, PhD; and last but not least, Mr. Cosmin ROMAN, PhD. The distinguished guests lectured on those history pages written with the blood of heroes, turning moments with major impact on the evolution of the Romanian nation.
Thanking the lecturers for their speeches, the rector of the "Nicolae Bălcescu" Land Forces Academy, COL Prof. Eng. Ghita BÂRSAN, PhD, invited the entire audience to enjoy a cultural-artistic programme staged by the students of the institution. Folk and light music, modern and classical dances unquestionnably proved that, besides order, discipline and education in the spirit of the supreme values COUNTRY, HONOUR, DUTY, the military students are also artistically inclined and have the necessary talent to affirm their creative spirit.
Congratulations to all those involved on making the show and further success.