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"The Romanian Armed Forces in Schools"
The Romanian Armed Forces Day was celebrated in the Sibiu garrison through a series of events that started on Wednesday, October 17 at 10.00 a.m. with activities organized within the "The Romanian Army in schools" project. The event took place at the "Independenta" Technical High school and was attended by students of the "Nicolae Bălcescu" Land Forces Academy, the garrison's military music, personnel from the Information-Recruitment Office of the Military Centre of Sibiu County, military staff having participated in missions in theatres of operations, teachers, representatives of the "Heroes’Cult" Association – the Sibiu branch, and of the Military Reserve Association. A similar activity was also held on October, 18 starting with 10.00 a.m. in the premises of the "D.P. Barcianu" Agricultural High school.
The activities aimed both to present the opportunities and advantages of the military career, and also to introduce the people involved in the good functioning of the military system, the main missions of the Romanian Armed Forces, as well as the educational offer of the Ministry of National Defence.
The activity was successful and the feedback was positive. The young people from the two pre-university education institutions were impressed by the demonstrative exercise perfomed by the academy students at the beginning of the activity, but also by the information about the military system and the representative land forces higher education institution. We address thanks to the hosts, to the head of Sibiu County School Inspectorate, and to the students for their interest and kindness, as well as for this opportunity for interaction with the future possible candidates of the Land Forces Academy.