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Academic Cooperation Agreement
Sharing a common desire to cooperate in several academic fields, from academic exchanges of expertise, knowledge and scientific research to education and professional training, aware of the specific roles assigned, and envisaging cooperation in areas of common interest, the "Nicolae Balcescu" Land Forces Academy and the NATO HUMINT Center of Excellence (HCOE) agreed on a mutually-beneficial partnership, opportunity materialised in a cooperation agreement signed on October, 31, on the occasion of the visit of COL Eduard SIMION, the head of the above- mentioned Centre.
On the basis of discussions prior to the agreement signature, discussions on how best to achieve objectives, the parties agreed upon concluding a wide range of bilateral agreements, such as exchange of academic staff to give lectures on different topics of interest, study trips for the Academy cadets, mutual participation in scientific conferences, workshops and roundtables, exchange of publications, and many others.
An important initiative, an endeavor with mutual beneficial effects, a notable contribution to improving the global systemic processes of the two parts and institutional performance as well.