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29 July - National symbol, Romanian Anthem

164 years ago, on July 29th , in Zavoi Park, Ramnicu-Valcea, the meeting dedicated to the revolution heroes represented the very moment for   revolutionary song  "Un rasunet", a song that would become the National Anthem of Romania.

Desteapta-te romane accompanied the Romanian soldiers and animated all major events after 1848. During the independence war of 1877, in moments of the crisis after August 23, 1944 and during the tumultuous days of December 1989, this Anthem was spontaneously on everyone's lips and was broadcast on radio and television, encouraging everybody across the country.

"Desteapta-te romane!", a deep creative rebound in the nation, proved to be the Anthem of brotherhood, accumulating the contribution of the Transylvanian - Andrei Muresan - and of  Anton Pann. True arc over decades and centuries, since 1989, this National symbol, by means of its lyrics encouraged everyone to freedom.

Extremely important National symbol, Romanian Anthem was celebrated on Sunday   July 29th, in a ceremony held in Public Square in the center of Sibiu.

Representatives of local and central public administration bodies, institutions of National Defense system, public order and National security, have recalled the evolution of the National Anthem and its important speeches at Sibiu county prefect, Mr. Ovidiu Sitterli, the County Council President, Mr. John Cindrea and Sibiu garrison commander, Col.Prof. Ghita Barsan.

Detachment of honor parade was preceded by the singing voice and instrumental of the hymn " Desteapta-te romane!" by the full assembly, along with the city citizens present - in large numbers - in the event, exciting time, mobilizing and uplifting.