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The Army in the Middle of “The Fortress”
The Romanian Armed Forces Day, on October 25, was a good opportunity for the Sibiu community to share the joy of the event through activities organized all over the city. As part of "the fortress", the "Nicolae Bălcescu’’ Land Forces Academy, together with the other structures of the Ministry of National Defence in the garrison of Sibiu, and with the support of local and central public authorities, started the anniversary day with a public flower-laying ceremony at the Monument to the Heroes of All Times, on the square in front of the Military Circle.
The ceremony was meant to remember and honour our forefathers’ great exploits in the development of the Romanian people. The sacrifice of those whose love of country prevailed over any other ideal will never be forgotten, and the history pages written with the heroes’s blood will be read, from generation to generation, with reverence, piety and gratitude.
„"I swear faith to my homeland, Romania!" is the oath that over 300 military men and women, impressed with the importance of the moment, uttered with a firm voice in the Grand Square of the city of Sibiu. The sea of people attending the military oath ceremony, performed by both the students of the "Nicolae Bălcescu’’ Land Forces Academy and the professional soldiers of the "General Eremia Grigorescu" Application School for Combat Support Units, were thrilled by the solemnity of the act accomplished by the soldiers who have dedicated their lives to serving the country.
The young people who took the military oath had an impressive audience, as, in addition to the soldiers’ families, relatives, friends and acquaintances, the event was also attended by representatives of public authorities, His Eminence Laurenţiu Streza, PhD, Archbishop of Sibiu and Metropolitan of Transylvania, representatives of the Ministry of National Defense, rectors of Sibiu universities, former rectors of the Academy, heads of structures of the National Defence System in Sibiu, reserve military people.
The solemn moment of the oath utterance to the nation and the country was followed by speeches of the guests, a moment of craftsmanship offered by second year students from the Land Forces Academy who executed a demonstrative exercise, the military personnel’s march past in front of the guests, the last sequence of the ceremony being reserved for the garrison's military music who gave a short demonstration of virtuosity under Captain Dumitru STÂNGACIU’s baton.
The Heroes monument, erected in Şelimbăr in memory of those who have written an important page in the history of the nation in October 1599, was the place for the next manifestation celebrating the Armed Forces Day, where floral wreaths and flowers were placed into eternal glory to those who sleep forever in the Şelimbăr plain.
In the evening, a floral wreath from the part of the garrison of Sibiu was also placed at the Monument to the heroes situated in the Dumbrava Forest. The ceremony was lit up by torches carried by the academy cadets and students from the "Decebal" Training Centre for Communications and Informatics. 140 soldiers performed the ’’Withdrawal with torches", being applauded by the Sibiu inhabitants, and the avenue linking the Dumbrava Forest to the Land Forces Academy resounded with military songs.
An anniversary day appreciated, applauded and greeted with great joy by the Sibiu population. We address thanks to the population wishing as many joint activities as possible.