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Military Expedition in the Fagarasi Mountains
The Romanian Armed Forces Day, on October 25, was celebrated in a more specal way by three of the "Nicolae Balcescu” Land Forces Academy officers.
In the desire to represent the academy “at high altitude” and to raise Romania’s flag on the highest summit of the country, the Moldoveanu peak – 2544 m – of the Fagaras Mountain range, Maj. Codrut GALAFTION together with Lt. Marius LATEA and Lt. Vlad CRACIUN set off on October 25, in the morning, on a challenging hike of about 35 km on the route: Sambata Complex (07.45 a.m.) – Fereastra Mare (the top of the Fagaras mountains) – the Moldoveanu Peak (02.15 p.m.) – Podragu Saddle - Balea Lake ( 09.45 p.m).
The effort made during the route, out of which 25 km were covered on the top of the mountain, with positive level differences (in climbing) of above 3000 m, was entirely forgotten by the three brave officers the moment they reached their objective in time and without any incidents.
Congratulations to the mountaineers and further success in the projects they envisage to put into practice, that is to include climbing the Moldoveanu Peak in the schedule of activities yearly organized on the Romanian Armed Forces Day.