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The Land Forces Academy … a “School Otherwise”
Military personnel’ professional training also includes, among other activities, career orientation trips for 11th grade military high school students, trips organized at higher education institutions and large units within the National Ministry of Defense.
These activities are scheduled according to students’ orientations, expectations, wishes and skills, so that they should be able to compare the different options concerning their future military career and the military specialty that meets their personal needs and individual abilities.
On 1, April 2013, the academy did not joke when it opened its doors to the pupils of the “Mihai Viteazu” High School of Alba-Iulia, who came with great expectations and curiosity, willing to learn as much as possible about the training of the future Land Forces officers.
The potential candidates to the admission exam at the academy for the 2014-2015 university year were welcomed by representatives of the institution commanding structures. They were given a thorough presentation of the history and organization of the academy, and the last part of the visit took place “in the field”, where the academy students live and train. During the whole visit, the military pupils shared ideas, thoughts and opinions with both academy students and other young people of their age coming from the "Vasile Alecsandri" High School of Bacau who had chosen the "Nicolae Balcescu" Land Forces Academy as one of their study trip destinations.
The organizers were delighted by the interest shown by the guests and tried to answer the many various questions they asked throughout the visit.
Hoping that the visit was useful, we wish them all good luck with their studies and the accomplishment of the standards they need to successfully pass the admission exam at the higher education institution of their choice.