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The Round-Table organized by the "Nicolae Balcescu" Land Forces Academy
The Military Training Centre functioning within the institution organized an activity as a result of the necessity of standardization of the training and of the evaluation, selection and military promotion process.
The debates took place within a round-table organized on 4, April 2013 with the participation of instructors, military and civilian teachers of the Land Forces Academy, and specialists from the Department of Human Resources of the General Staff, as well as specialists from the three infantry divisions subordinated to the Land Forces General Staff.
The main topic was the training standardization, and the activity aimed at indentifying optimal ways of planning, organizing and running training in the education institutions of the military from the perspective of collective and individual training standardization and of the specific assets proposed to be evaluated, selected and professionally promoted.
The experience of the infantry divisions representatives and the expertise of the specialists in the domain approached within the discussions, were completed by the proposals coming from those who teach and train the future Land Forces officers, and resulted in solid, salient conclusions, beneficial for the education and evolution process throughout the military career.