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Official Visit of the Chief of General Staff at the “Nicolae Balcescu” Land Forces Academy
Friday, March 15, 2013, the Chief of General Staff, Lt-Gen Stefan DANILA, PhD, conducted an official visit at the “Nicolae Balcescu” Land Forces Academy. The main purpose of the visit was both to see what the latest achievements of the academy were, and to get informed about the preoccupations, needs, aspirations and ways of accomplishment of the academy’s objectives.
In order to get a thorough knowledge of the Sibiu military academic community, the Chief of General Staff had several meetings with the academy’s governing structures, with military and civilian staff, as well as with first and second-year cadets present in the institution.
During the first meeting, with the military and civilian staff, the rector of the academy, Brigadier General Eng. Ghita BARSAN, PhD, briefly introduced the significant aspects of the activity that had been carried out in the institution since Lt-Gen Stefan DANILA’s last visit. He mentioned the new elements within the academy’s organization chart, the changes made to the educational curricula and offer, and the actions taken towards the internationalizing of the institution. The rector concluded by presenting the malfunctions that impeded achieving certain goals and the causes that had generated them.
The Chief of General Staff made realistic, pertinent, sincere and well-documented appreciations on the basis of what had previously been said, he suggested a series of possible courses of action to eliminate the weak points resulting in useless efforts, or focused on wrong or inefficient directions, and he concluded by inviting the audience to ask questions, to raise problems, or to request assistance for the improvement of the educational process and the institutional management.
Seriously concerned with the good functioning of the academy, the audience took advantage of this opportunity and raised a series of problems they have to cope with in various fields of their daily activities, related to the Law of National Education, or to different judicial, organizational, and functional aspects. All these matters were thoroughly analyzed, part of them receiving the expected answers, while others having to be analyzed and solved by specialists.
The meetings with the academy’s cadets followed the same pattern, all of them being equally constructive, useful, and with a strong impact on the whole academic activity within the "Nicolae Balcescu" Land Forces Academy.