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The Second Visit of International Institutional Evaluation of Education Quality in the Land Forces Academy

The month of November 2012 was established for the first visit of evaluation of institutional management in the "Nicolae Bălcescu" Land Forces Academy, when the European University Association was introduced with the management developed in the academy, draw the first conclusions and set up the second period of evaluation, necessary for creating an image, for fully understanding the structure and functioning of the Land Forces Academy and for drawing up a final, comprehensive, well-documented and objective report. This report will cover all the activities contributing to reaching maximum performance and excellency in education.
The second period of evaluation took place from 18th to 20th February 2013, when the delegation came back to Sibiu and presented the rector of the institution with the structure of the activity, that is the meetings scheduled to occur in order to achieve the proposed objectives. Starting by having discussions with the university Senate representatives, the members of the evaluation committee met with the representatives of the departments within the Faculty of Military Management, with the associated teaching staff of the academy, the administrative staff, the master’s degree students, the graduates that are now attending the branch commissioning schools, the student associations, the psychologists, the chaplain of the institution, the chief of the Center of Military Training, as well as with the local authorities that provided information about the place, the role and the mode in which the academy has integrated into the community of Sibiu. The meeting was also attended by the representatives of local and central public administration, of the economic, university and religious environment, by the chiefs of the structures within the System of defence, public order and national security, as well as by other non-governmental associations and organizations of Sibiu.
The scheduled meetings contributed to achieving the whole structure of which the institutional management is made of, pieces of a complex, comprehensive puzzle, the generator of the energy necessary for the "Nicolae Balcescu" Land Forces Academy’s functioning at maximum capacity.
The report, which is due to be drawn up by the evaluators, will confirm whether the actions taken so far have been coherent or not, whether the institution has taken the right path in achieving a modern university education, flexible, receptive and strongly integrated in the current reality.