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Sibiu Educational Festival
"SIBIU SMART" is the "umbrella" under which were organised the cultural, artistic, educational and sports events of the year 2013, with young people and students in the foreground. As usual, it proved to be "large enough" for all the educational institutions in Sibiu, both high school and university students being given the opportunity to manifest themselves in the most varied fields.
"SIBIU EDUCATIONAL FESTIVAL", scheduled on November 20-22, brought together, once again, in a salutary manner, the representatives of Sibiu educational institutions. The event was a good opportunity for both pre-university and university-level institutions to present their educational offerings, and was also a beneficial exchange of experience for all attendees.
November 20 was dedicated to an education and training Trade Show, designed to introduce and promote the educational offerings of the city’s institutions, ranging from high school and university courses to training, specialisation and professional development courses.
This event was also attended by the "Nicolae Bălcescu" Land Forces Academy, as a representative educational establishment in Sibiu. The visitors showed great interest as the Academy representatives attending the gave all the details related to the military organization, the possibilities of joining the military, the educational offerings of the academy, and much more.
November 21 was the day dedicated to employers, and on Friday, November 22, at 6 p.m., the Thalia Hall hosted the "Education of Sibiu" Gala, event designed to reward the most meritorious high school and university students in 2013.
We welcome the organizers’ initiative, and we look forward to the expanding impact the academic partnership will make on the development and promotion of the city of Sibiu.