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The Land Forces Day
April 23 is a day with great significance for the whole Romanian nation. The celebration of the Holy Great Martyr Saint George, “the Throphy-Bearer”, is a great opportunity both for all Christians to piously pray and meditate and for those who serve under the Romanian flag to do honour to the greatest service of the Romanian Land Forces.
The patron saint of the Land Forces, the Holy Great Martyr Saint George, is at the same time the protector of all servicemen. The double anniversary was also celebrated by the Land Forces Academy, the institution that educates and trains officers for all military specialties from this service.
To honour the ones who sacrificed their lives for their country and for our well-being, the whole personnel of the Land Forces Academy together with other military structures from Sibiu and representatives of the local and central public administration participated in a public flower-laying ceremony at the Monument to the Heroes of All Times, on the square in front of the Military Circle.
The entire activity was characterized by simplicity and piety, being highly appreciated by everyone. Afterwards, the Land Forces Academy opened widely its gates to welcome all those who wanted to be familiar with this “school otherwise” from the national university environment.
Besides pre-school, school and high school pupils, the institution also welcomed its former commanders, collaborators, persons who are an active part of all projects carried out in the town situated on the banks of the Cibin river, rectors of other universities from Sibiu and, last but not least, families of the academy’s staff.
A military and religious ceremonial, demonstrative exercises executed by the cadets, presentations of technique and weapons, projection of a documentary about the institution, all these are just a few items prepared for the distinguished visitors who were impressed by what they found in our institution.
We address sincere thanks to those who supported us and were close to us on such a celebration day, together with a warm MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY adressed to the entire military personnel from the Romanian Land Forces and to all those who celebrated their name day.