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Happy Anniversary to the Romanian Armed Forces!
October 25, 1944 -  October 25, 2013, 69 years since Romania was completely liberated  from foreign ruling and administration. It has become the symbol of all battles and heroes, the day the country celebrates the Armed Forces and those who have served in the Romanian Armed Forces. The "Nicolae Bălcescu” Land Forces Academy celebrates this day every year, with pride, satisfaction and enthusiasm, by organizing, in cooperation with other institutions, various commemorative events. This year, the series of events started with the "Romanian Armed Forces Day in Schools” project, which took place in the pre-university educational institutions in Sibiu, followed by sports competitions, cultural and artistic performances and symposia organized by the cadets of the academy. A public Wreath-Laying Ceremony was held at the Soldier’s Monument in front of the Military Circle in Sibiu, attended by active, reserve and retired military personnel, representatives of the local public administration, of the paraliamentary parties, and of the different institutions of education, as well as civilian citizens of Sibiu who wanted to honour the military institution which, through sacrifices and renunciations, has been serving national interests and peace.  Eternal glory to the heroes, along with a warm Happy Anniversary wish to the Romanian Armed Forces!