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American Solidarity
Cadets and teachers from the United States of America, who carried out educational and cultural activities with students from the "Nicolae Balcescu" Land Forces Academy within the CULP (Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency) program, came to the end of their visit in Sibiu.
The American guests had spent over three weeks in our country, made famous all over the world due to such names as Dracula, Emil Racovita, Aurel Vlaicu, Anghel Saligny, Vuia, Coanda, and many others. They participated in a great variety of activities, which allowed Romanian cadets to improve their knowledge of English, and American ones to learn as much as possible about the Romanian culture and traditions, to visit the most important tourist attractions and historical sites throughout the country, and also to make friends with the military students from Sibiu.
At the end of the visit, together with the Romanian cadets, the American guests wanted to offer a "ray of sunshine", a moment of happiness to elderly people from the Sibiu Asylum, located in the Medieval Hospital (first hospital in Romania), who welcomed them with joy and enthusiasm. There was an atmosphere full of emotions, everybody wishing to learn more about one another, and an environment free of inhibitions was created by this hearty gesture, an initiative of all praise, like all the other activities carried on during our overseas guests’ stay in our country.
The visit came to an end on June 28, when, during a special farewell meeting, both Romanian and American participants drew the conclusions resulted from the joint program run within the Land Forces Academy and in other places. The benefits have been on both sides and the approach has achieved all its objectives, both Romanian and American cadets sincerely wishing more such initiatives in the future, with an even larger participation.
We thank the students and the accompanying teachers, and hope that the mutual benefits of the visit will help to maintain and develop our partnership within the CULP program.