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The 18th Conference of the Students' Scientific Circles with international participation - SECOSAFT 2013
The scientific conference was divided into seven sections: military science, security and international relations, management and economics, law and public administration, social sciences, fundamental sciences and techniques, and foreign languages.
237 Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree students from Romania, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic participated in the event, with 180 scientific papers.
After the opening ceremony, which took place in the Event Hall of the Academy, participants presented the result of their research findings, studies, and experiences, each of them striving to assimilate as much information as possible, and to convince the others about the importance and quality of his / her work, exchanging experiences, ideas and establishing friendly relations.
On the same occasion, the "Nicolae Balcescu" Land Forces Academy organized two workshops for Master’s degree students, with the topics "Static and Mechanical Modeling of Mechanical Structures" and "Operational Environment Analysis from the Perspective of the Concept of Security". An exhibition of equipment for the simulation of military operations, organized with the assistance of specialists from the "DACICA" Land Forces Combat Training Centre, particularly aroused the participants’ interest.
The most valuable papers presented within each section were rewarded at the end of the event.
Congratulations to all the participants and full success in their future activities.