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The rector of the Military Academy in Wiener Neustadt, Austria, on his visit at the ” Nicolae Bălcescu” Land Forces Academy
The ERASMUS initiative provides all those who apply for it various opportunities, such as teaching activities in similar universities within the European area, multinational projects and many others.
THE ”NICOLAE BALCESCU” LAND FORCES ACADEMY, an institution that is aware of the necessity of internationalization, signed a series of partnership agreements with similar universities/academies from Europe. According to the above mentioned agreements, several teachers and students had the opportunity to participate in this programme in Slovakia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Portugal and Austria.
In 2012, 10 officers and 26 students participated in didactic and training activities at the Military Academy in Wiener Neustadt, Austria. The way in which the participants acted throughout their stay attracted the Austrian colleagues’ appreciation and respect. An institution of excellence, the Austrian academy expressed its desire to diversify the cooperation domains, so the rector of the institution, GenMaj Norbert SINN, PhD, conducted between 30 September and 2 October an information and documentation visit at the Land Forces Academy.
The Austrian guest participated in the official opening ceremony of the 2013 – 2014 academic year, conducted a short tour of the academy and talked to the representatives of the academy responsible for military training, teaching activities and scientific research. The conclusions of the discussions held included the belief that both parts will manage to find interesting common approaches on scientific research and education, which could translate into mutually beneficial cooperation programmes.
As a sign of high appreciation of the Austrian guest, the University Senate of the Land Forces Academy decided to offer him the title of ”Honorary Senator”. We express our appreciation for the Austrian partner’s opening and interest, hoping that in the future the relations between the institutions will continue to develop.