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Information and Documentation Visit of Two Cadets From West Point U.S. Military Academy
At the initiative of the United States Military Academy (USMA) representatives and supported by Defense Attaché in Romania, Mr. Lieutenant Colonel David O. SUTTON, between 9 – 17 March 2013, two cadets of the West Point U.S. Military Academy are conducting an information and documentation visit.
During their stay in the town of Sibiu, cadets Richard Murphy Nehring and Nicholas Mingtan Qiu are given the opportunity to better know the organization and the functioning of our standard Land Forces institution of higher education and to participate together with the Romanian cadets in English teaching classes, sports and extra curricular activities, as well as to visit the wonderful town situated on the banks of the Cibin river.
This was an excellent opportunity for them to experience a new culture, to share thoughts, ideas, experiences, as well as to open to multiculturalism and interoperability.
Two military cadets from our academy will conduct a similar visit at the U.S. West Point Military Academy, the purpose of the exchange being the same as that of their American colleagues.
Many thanks to the American partner for this initiative, hoping that such activities will take place more frequently and fruitfully for both parties.