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June 13, 2017 represented a celebration day for the entire academic military community of Sibiu. On this occasion, the "Nicolae Balcescu" Land Forces Academy, a successor of the educational and institutional traditions of the first military school of officers in Romania, organized a series of events that marked this milestone in the history of the Romanian military education.
The celebration started on the parade ground with the military ceremony of the academy, where there participated, together with the Minister of National Defense, Mr. Gabriel Beniamin Les, the State Counselor – Secretary of the Supreme Council of National Defense, MajGen. Mihai Somordolea, Ph.D., the Chief of General Staff, Gen. Nicolae-Ionel Ciuca and the Chief of the Land Forces Staff, MajGen Marius Harabagiu, members of the local and central public administration, of the sibian and national academic community, commanders of divisions and brigades, and former colleagues.
On this occasion, in appreciation of its activity, the Land Forces Academy was awarded the Military Order "Military Virtue in officer rank with peace signs". The decoration of the War Flag was done by the Minister of National Defense.
In appreciation of its activity in the field of military education, BG Prof.eng. Ghita Barsan, PhD, was awarded the Emblem of Honor of the Naval Forces Staff. The order was carried out by the Deputy for Resources of the Chief of the Naval Forces Staff, Rear Admiral Lower Half eng. Ioan Stanciulescu.
The name of the saint patron of the Land Forces Academy, of the historian and revolutionary Nicolae Balcescu, was confered on the distinction that has been awarded since 2007 to the best representatives of the military academic community of Sibiu. This year, the prize was awarded to SGM Alexandru Daniel Luta, for the outstanding results obtained in the academic, military and physical training, and SFC George Daniel Bobric for the exceptional results obtained within the Erasmus program, held at the "Helmut Schmidt" University in Hamburg.
The second part of the events continued with the ceremony to unveil the anniversary plaque marking the 170th anniversary of military education. There followed the events dedicated to the participants in the "Open Doors Day". They had the opportunity to attend a demonstrative drill, an artistic moment offered by the military music band of the academy in collaboration with the "Ardeal" Ensemble of the Student Culture House, book and photo exhibitions and much more.
At the end of the events, the auditorium of the Academy hosted the release of the Land Forces Academy's promoting film. "Mereu impreuna" was produced by the multimedia studio of the "Observatorul Militar".
Happy anniversary, the "Nicolae Balcescu" Land Forces Academy!