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The Faculty of Military Management has the mission to form, at undergraduate and postgraduate level, officers for arms/military specialties of the Land Forces and also military and civilian specialists for other beneficiaries from the national defence system, public order and national security. The mission is in total accordance with the Institutional Strategy of “Nicolae Bălcescu” Land Forces Academy and aims at creating general and specific professional competencies for the arms/military specialties: Intendance, Finances and Accounting, Communications and Informatics.   

The study programs managed by the Faculty of Military Management are:
Bachelor’s degree study programs:
– Public administration
– Economic-financial management
– Military communications systems management

Master’s degree study programs (full-time studies):
– Organizational capabilities management
– Management and technology

Continuing training and development postgraduate programs:
– Communications and informatics
– Organizational internal audit
– Total quality management
– Environmental protection in military actions

Faculty Management
Dean: Col.Assoc.Prof. Eng. Ioan Virca , PhD
Vice-dean for academics: LTC Assoc.Prof. Eng. Nicolae Moro , PhD
Vice-dean for scientific research: Col. Assoc.Prof. Dumitru IANCU, PhD

Specialized reviewer: Nicoleta Ratiu
Staff Warrant Officer: NCO Miron Pomeran