In August 2013, the Land Forces Academy "Nicolae Balcescu” was invited to participate in the selection for the awards Best University and Manager of the Year. The competition was organized by two international organizations: Europe Business Assembly and the Rectors of Europe, having as the main aim the development of international cooperation in the economic, social and humanitarian fields. Annually, the two institutions hold this exceptional event in which personalities of different fields of activity, higher education institutions, scientific research centers and organizations with outstanding results are rewarded.
      This year, the Oxford Summit of Leaders- Science and Education took place in December 16-19, in Oxford the ‘city of dreaming spires’. During the Socrates Award Ceremony the Land Forces Academy "Nicolae Balcescu” represented by associate professor Giurgiu Luminita, PhD and associate professor Patesan Marioara, PhD., was awarded the title Best University and the distinction Manager of the Year for the management activity of the rector, BG, professor Ghita Barsan, Ph.D.
      The conference we attended called Science and Education: Conference New trends and opportunities had 7 sections with 180 participants from 42 countries. At section 5, entitled The Education Process, associate professor Patesan Marioara PhD, presented the achievements of the academy. The Academy’s representatives also organized a stand where the exhibits displayed offered information about the outstanding achievements of the institution in recent years. The Academy's participation in the work of this summit has been a great, beneficial experience, designed to make us understand once again that value brings visibility, and visibility requires high standards.