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• The Management is committed to the Quality endeavor by providing all the necessary resources in terms of manpower, skills, tools etc.
• Management Review meetings are conducted twice a year to monitor the effectiveness and continuing suitability of the quality system.

• An Educational Engineering Process Group exists in the organization with representation from the departments. This group is primarily responsible for establishing, maintaining and constantly improving the organization’s education processes and education assets.
• An Educational Quality Assurance Group is established whose role is to conduct regular audits and reviews in the projects to ensure compliance to organization standards. They are responsible for early detection of problems/ warning in the project, gathering process improvements and sharing learning across projects.
• In all of our education and military activities, we comply with national and military rules and regulations, and respect international agreements.

Continuous Improvement:
• In corroboration with the Quality goals, Land Forces Academy has a well structured Quality Management System (QMS) having a strong process focus and comprising of Procedures, Guidelines, Standards and Templates.
• We strive to continuously improve our processes and performance.
• Stakeholders decide on the quality of our cadets.