Conferinta stiintifica internationala organizata de Universitatea de Aparare din Brno, Republica Ceha

       In baza unui parteneriat solid stabilit intre Academia Fortelor Terestre "Nicolae Balcescu" si Universitatea de Aparare din Brno, Republica Ceha, rectorul academiei sibiene, domnul Ghita BARSAN, insotit de prorectorul pentru cercetare stiintifica, domnul colonel CS I dr. Vasile CARUTASU, participa la conferinta stiintifica internationala organizata de partenerul ceh, o manifestare ce se bucura de un interes deosebit din partea profesorilor si cercetatorilor stiintifici din Europa si din lume. Deschiderea oficiala a lucrarilor conferintei a oferit prilejul rectorului sibian sa se adreseze participantilor, interventia domniei sale fiind una deosebita, dupa cum se poate observa din randurile ce urmeaza:

Distinguished experts and colleagues,
Ladies and gentlemen,

      I am both honoured and delighted to be with you today to participate in the opening of this remarkable International Conference.
      I will not talk about the strategic importance of the Black Sea Region for European security; you will find that in the conference volume. Ill tell you about a great strategic partnership the partnership between the University of Defence from Brno and the Land Forces Academy from Sibiu.
      I believe that the principle of solidarity and true partnership amongst higher military education institutions is crucial for education and training in all fields that encourage an understanding of global issues. The practice of multilingualism, faculty and students exchange programmes and institutional linkage to promote intellectual and scientific co-operation should be an integral part of all higher European education system.
      Now that I underlined the importance of partnerships I will tell you that the Czech University of Defence represents for my academy and for me the best practice in internationalization military institution in European higher education framework.
      Now, Im thinking of prof. Rudolf Urban who developed with us a great partnership and transferred all these ideas to the new rector, BG Prykril, who continues and improves this special relationship between our academies. Thank you prof. Urban, thank you BG Prykil for the chance and privilege to stay close to you. Great team, big plans!
      Im thinking of prof. Aless Komar, which was an important member of the evaluation team in the Romanian national accreditation process in 2010. Prof. Ales Komar, the Land Forces Academy was also evaluated by the European Universities Association who confirmed the higher confidence rank awarded by the Romanian Agency of Quality in higher education. Thank you!
      I also want to thank COL Hockner Dean of the Management and Economic faculty, for the good cooperation and openness regarding the student and teaching staff mobilities. I am confident that we will continue our cooperation under the new ERASMUS programme and both universities will, as before, greatly benefit from this experience.
      We welcomed your representatives in our annual Knowledge Based Organization International Conference ISI indexed, we exchanged researchers, teaching staff and students within the ERASMUS programme and all these have helped constructing a common platform to share ideas and create an international military community.
      Solidarity, recognition and mutual support, true partnership that equitably serves the interests of the partners and the value of sharing knowledge and know-how, govern relationships among our institutions. Henceforth, partnership, based on common interest, mutual respect and credibility, will most definitely continue. This means for me SMART DEFENCE in educational field.
      I value and greatly appreciate our strategic partnership, as well as your openness and willingness to cooperate with the Romanian Land Forces Academy. I strongly believe that the best is yet to come and that future holds a lot of mutually beneficial opportunities.
      I congratulate the University of Defence on the organization of this outstanding International Conference and I wish you all us all the very best for a most successful International Conference 2013.