Sibiu 2020 International Marathon

Sibiu 2020 International Marathon has written its story in a distant and responsible way, in the spirit of this enchanting city.

If in the past years “Nicolae Balcescu” Land Forces Academy gathered 100 students and 50-60 volunteers at the start, this year we came out shyly, with a small group, to fight the sun, time and competition.

The team was completed with four students from the first-year, who were enthusiastic and full of energy, overwhelmed by the reputation of the LFA T-shirt, imprinted with the eagle and the lightning.

In the end, we won the 1st place for 5000 m with the legendary NCO Francisc SAROSI, the 2nd place for 5000 m with civilian Anica SAROSI and the 3rd place for the 4 x 5300 relay (First Lieutenant Catalin DUMITRIU, Student Corporal Catalin LODROMAN, Student Corporal Vasile BUDUROI, Cadet Alex Adrian STOICA). Close to the podium, cadet ION Daria won the 4th place for 10000 m.

Semper Una!

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