Other International events

Beside the students and personnel mobilities within Erasmus+ and Emilyo Programs, Land Forces Academy organizes many other activities which are meant to increase the notoriety of our institution among the military universities in Europe.
Attending to different cultural, social or sport events in other partner European institutions but not only and also receiving the visits from abroad, are leading to a better cooperation between institutions. These events have strengthen and continue to improve institutional relationship and partnership and as well lead to a better understanding of culture, traditions, customs, systems of values of different parts of the old continent, but also outside the European borders.

The Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency Program (CULP) is a program within which the American cadets from the Reserved Officers Training Core, Kentucky SUA, are attending to a practice stage in Land Forces Academy.
The American cadets participate, along with our students, to different educational, cultural, social, training and sport activities through which they share to each other information regarding the educational and training system from their home institutions and also the culture and local traditions.
This program represents also a good opportunity for our students to increase their English language skills and a way to improve their self confidence while interacting with foreign partners.

The Land Forces Academy received the visit of two French officer cadets from Saint-Cyr Coetquidan Military School, France in period 14.01 - 08.02.2019, which attended to a training stage in our institution. The French officers spent four weeks in Sibiu, and they had the opportunity to attend to a winter military training module in our mountain military camp Crintu, and they also visited different military institution in Sibiu. Beside these activities our guests had the opportunity to see Sibiu historical, cultural and architectural highlights and also to visit the main touristic points of attraction Sibiu offers.

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