"I swear to defend my country, even at the cost of my life!"

After eight weeks during which they learned the basics of training, strengthened their physical condition and adapted to the conditions of the military environment, 299 students (111 girls and 188 boys) from the first year of study at "Nicolae Balcescu" Land Forces Academy of Sibiu took the oath of allegiance to nation and country, today, October 21, expressing, through the spoken words, the solemn promise to worship the creed of indisputable values: Fatherland, Honour, Duty.

The Commander of the Southeast Multinational Corps (MNC-SE), MG Dragos-Dumitru Iacob participated in this unique event in the life of every military officer, alongside local public authorities, commanders of the structures of the national defence system, parents and relatives of the youngest military students of Sibiu.

Good luck with their career to those who took the Military Oath today!

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