The third transnational project meeting (TPM 03) of the KA220 Erasmus Cooperation Project Interdisciplinary Education and Training on Hybrid Warfare

On 08-10.02.2023, the "Nicolae Balcescu" Land Forces Academy of Sibiu hosted the third transnational meeting within the Erasmus Cooperation Project "Interdisciplinary Education and Training on Hybrid Warfare".

The project aims to introduce a specific curriculum on hybrid warfare, generate specific methodology and develop online support capabilities (website and dedicated platform) so that military and other university education can be adapted to national and international requirements.

The aim of the project is to provide a conceptual and practical framework for a better understanding of current and future conflicts and, in particular, of hybrid warfare, and it is addressed to students in bachelor and master’s degree programs of the participating institutions, as well as other military and civilian academic institutions interested in the field of education and training on hybrid warfare.

The project brought together in Sibiu representatives of the project partner institutions, namely: the University of Public Services in Budapest, Hungary (the project’s coordinator), University of Studies of Turin, Italy, Bar-Ilan University of Ramat Gan, Israel and Armed Forces Academy "General Milan Rastislav Stefanik" in Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovak Republic.

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