A new generation ready to serve the country

With the officer braids on their shoulders, ready to face the inherent challenges of their career beginnings, the 198 graduates of the „General Ioan Emanoil Florescu” promotion, trained for the Ministry of National Defence, began today, the 31st of July, their journey as officers, with confidence and trust.

The military ceremony was held on the institution’s plateau, complying with the restrictions imposed by the current epidemiologic context.

The effort and the results obtained during the study years in our institution were rewarded on this unique day in the life of the military student, therefore, the top graduates of thier classes received prizes and merit diplomas. The officers were congratulated by the Chief of the Land Forces Staff, Major General Iulian Berdila, who handed them the Land Forces Staff Plaque and by the Vice-Prime Minister of the Romanian Government, Raluca Turcan.

The 2020 valedictorian of the „Nicolae Balcescu” Land Forces Academy for the Ministry of National Defense, second lieutenant Livia-Nicoleta Barsan, who graduated top of her class with the average 9,57, for the university specialization Management of the Organization, military branch Artillery and Missiles, was handed, as a reward of her academic results, the reverential plaque by the Deputy Commandant for Planning of the Chief of Staff for the Joint Forces Command, col. Daniel Suditu. Also, the Chief of Directorate for Training and Doctrine of the Defense Staff, BG Marian Botea, handed her the „Military Science” emblem of merit, class II and the State Secretary for Defense Policy, Planning and International Relations, Simona Cojocaru, handed her the customized stilleto.

Congratulations to all the graduates! May your steps guide you towards the most fulfilling careers!


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