Arhiva KBO 2012

Military Science and Management, Economics, Behavioral and Social Sciences, Administrative Sciences and Technical and Technological Sciences, Foreign Languages. As many areas having provided a very generous range of thorough, worth studying subjects, highlighting the result of scientific research, carried out by 480 specialists from universities and research centers from Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and South Korea.

The fruits of hard work have been materialized in 334 scientific valuable, documented, proficiency papers, which were presented by the authors in the 18th Edition of the "Knowledge Based Organization - 2012" Conference organized by ‘Nicolae Balcescu’ Land Forces Academy, under the auspices of the National Authority for Scientific Research.

The official opening session took place in the morning of June 13, in the Institution’s Hall, where participants expressed satisfaction at the opportunity to revise a scientific framework of study and research, as to broadening the horizons of scientific research and of the spiritual enrichment.

Academy’s Rector, Prof.Col.Eng.Dr. GHITA BÂRSAN, revised and expressed the joy, thanking the distinguished guests for attending the event which has already become a tradition and nevertheless wishing full success to all participants.

With the hope that the goals aimed at will be achieved at the end of the Conference, let me now address you the invitation to honor us with valuable works in the following Edition of our KBO Conference.

    Conference proceedings
  • Management and military sciences
  • Economic, social and administrative approaches to the knowledge-based organization
  • Applied technical sciences and advanced military technologies.

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