Reviewing Process

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In the first stage the articles are assessed by the Editorial Board and Scientific Reviewers, and if they don't meet the techno-editing requirements they are returned to the author in order to be revised.
The second stage, represents the confirmation one, where the Editor-in-Chief distributes the papers to the scientific advisors, one from the Institution and the other from another one. There are cases when a third opinion is required.

The authors’ identity is unknown to the assessing advisers.

The scientific reviewers/specialists analyze the articles according to the Evaluation Form issued by the Scientific Council of the Academy, according to the following model: Review Form(pdf)
The results of the evaluations are forwarded to the Editorial assistant of each issue, assigned by the Editor-in-Chief.

The articles endorsed by the scientific reviewers/specialists are forwarded to the Editorial assistant and included in the preliminary table of contents of the issue referred to.

The scientific reviewers/specialists’ suggestions with respect to the articles that do not meet the scientific requirements are sent back to the authors for necessary correction. If the authors referred to appropriately revise their articles, they will be reintroduced into the reviewing process previously described.

The Editorial Board will subsequently analyse the articles and based on the reviewer’s proposals will decide on the ones suitable to be published in the issue.

The Editor-in-Chief submits the proposed articles to the Scientific Council for approval. The Scientific Council will then make the final decision with respect to the form and contents of the review and will set the articles in a decreasing order according to the scores established by the reviewers.

Based on this decision, the Editorial Assistant in charge together with the Editor-in-chief will coordinate the publication and distribution of the Land Forces Academy’s Scientific Bulletin.

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