Between May 15-17, 2008, the "Nicolae Bălcescu"Academy of Land Forces hosted the 13th session of SECOSAFT-2008..

Developed under the generic "Scientific knowledge at the service of sustainable social development", this year’s scientific manifestation brought together students from 14 different education institutions in the country and abroad.

At this session participated with 170 articles 202 students of which 73 from our institution.

The Conference was structured on 6 sections and subsections, as follows, Section I: Military science. Security and Defense with subsections Military Science and Security and Defense, Section II: Management and Economics with subsections Management and Economics, Section III: Socio-Human Sciences and Psychopedagogy, Section IV: Law and Public Administration , Section V: Fundamental and Technical Sciences, Section VI: Foreign Languages.

All participants were rewarded with participation diplomas, and the most valuable articles were rewarded with certificates and awards.

At the end of the session, all the participants were invited to attend an artistic program as well as visiting cultural and tourist objectives in our city.

Congratulations to all participants and success in future activities.

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