Between April 14-16, 2016, the "Nicolae Bălcescu" Land Forces Academy hosted the XXIth Edition of the International Student Session SECOSAFT 2017 and the Ist Edition of the International Salon of Innovation and Scientific Research Students - Cadet INOVA`16..

At this year's edition of the SECOSAFT 2016, 311 students from universities in Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria and Turkmenistan participated to the conference and 212 articles were drafted on the following sections: military sciences, security and international relations, management and economics, socio-human sciences, law and public administration, fundamental and technical sciences and foreign languages.

"Cadet INOVA" is an event promoted under the patronage of the Romanian Inventors Forum, in order to support scientific innovation and research at national and international level in the view of young researchers. There were 52 students, master students, PhD students and postdoctoral researchers with a maximum age of 35, from Romania, Germany, Moldova and Malaysia.

The 48 scientific innovations and applied research entered in the competition have the following directions of study: Environment and Pollution Control; Green Energy; Ecology; Monitoring and Environmental Protection; Energy and Sources of Unconventional Energy; Security; Protection; Rescue - Antiterrorism, Disasters and Accidents; Land-Sea and Airtransport; Chemistry; Metallurgy and Materials Science; Aeronautics and Air Navigation Security ; Automobiles and Road Safety; Mechanics. Car bodies. Mechanisms. Materials; Electrotechnics, Electronics and Energy; Radiocommunications; Robotics, roboetics; Photo-audio-video technologies; Information Technology and Informatics; Graphic Art and Architecture; Medicine and Human Factors. Pharmacy and Cosmetics; Food bio-security; Biology, Agronomy and Horticulture; Sports, Leisure, Culture, Teaching Methods.

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