The 25th Student’s International Conference - SECOSAFT 2020 and the 5th International Student Innovation and Scientific Research Exhibition - Cadet INOVA’20, were organized in Sibiu, between March 26-28, 2020, by “Nicolae Balcescu” Land Forces Academy together whith the “MG Nicolae USCOI” Corps of Cadets.

LSECOSAFT 2020 brought toghether 347 Bachelor and Master’s Degree students belonging to universities from Romania, Bulgaria, The Czech Republic, France, Georgia, Grece, Poland and Serbia with 301 scientific articles.

The conference was structured on the seven thematic fields: Military Sciences, Security and International Relations, Management and Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences, Law and Public Administration, Technical Sciences and Foreign Languages.

The most remarkable scientific research were rewarded with certificates that made the distinction between the winners of places I, II and III, from each section.

“Cadet INOVA” is an event promoted by the “Major General Nicolae Uscoi” Corps of Cadets and the “Nicolae Balcescu” Land Forces Academy from Sibiu, under the patronage of the Romanian Inventors Forum, in order to support scientific innovation and research at national and international level in the view of young researchers.

At the event were registered 99 inventions, innovations and scientific research-papers, belonging to the 15 educational and research institutions from Romania, the Republic of Moldova, Croatia and Malaysia.

Please visit the sites links for the Secosaft 2020 Brochure and the Official Catalogue of the “Cadet INOVA’20” Exhibition.

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