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Already in the seventeenth edition, The International Scientific Conference, The Knowledge Based Organization, organized by the Nicolae Balcescu Land Forces Academy, between 24-26 November 2011, brought together teaching staff, researchers and specialists from over 90 institutions (Research Institutes, Higher Educational Institutions, Economic Agents, etc.), from the country and abroad. In addition to the traditional partners from Bulgaria, The Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, this year's edition was also attended by personalities of the scientific life and of the educational system from Belgium, Canada, South Korea, Moldova, Netherlands and Portugal.

Organized in six sections and five subsections, the Conference provided the proper opportunity and frame for the latest trends and directions within education and research field, expressed at a National and international level, papers and works internationally exhibited in addressing not only the Knowledge-based Organization, but also the extensive transformation of the Military Organization, the Military contemporary actions physiognomy’s diversification and reconfiguration.

Following the evaluation process, approximately 25% of the abstracts and papers submitted were rejected, and we have accepted for publication a total of 380 works.

Starting with the 2010 edition, the works accepted for publication have been grouped in 3 proceedings: Management and Military Sciences, Economic, Social and Administrative Approaches to the Knowledge-Based Organization, Applied Technical Sciences and Advanced Military Technologies, all under the 1843-6722ISSN; (nevertheless this structure was also used in 2011). We wish we kept this structure for the following editions and also achieved continuity, both in terms of publishing the conference proceedings as well as in terms of the editorial standards alignment.

We recall that the 2009 and 2010 editions were indexed in the ISI CPCI.

We also mention that this year’s edition proceedings were transmitted to ISI Thomson Reuters for the evaluation process.

    Conference proceedings
  • Management and military sciences
  • Economic, social and administrative approaches to the knowledge-based organization
  • Applied technical sciences and advanced military technologies.

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